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We enable you to control and be rewarded from your data

Products you can use

Gener8 Sentinel

The Sentinel is a tool that enables you to see if your data has been breached. Enter your email address and we’ll search all public data breaches to show you whether your data has been breached and if so which of your personal details were compromised.

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Gener8 Ads

Gener8 is a browser extension that enables you to control and be rewarded from your own data. It tailors all of the ads you see online to be based on your preferences. It stops 3rd party trackers. And if you choose it anonymises your data to be used for custom research.

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Gener8 Tabs

Gener8 Tabs is a browser extension that enables you to be rewarded every time you open a new tab. Every tab has beautiful background image on it and includes an advert that’s tailored to your preferences.

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We give power back to you

Gener8 has been made by the people for the people. Our aim is to ensure you are rewarded anytime your data is used online. In a world full of murky waters and blurred lines Gener8 is shining a light on how advertising works and how people’s data is used. We are offering people an alternative so that they can have more control over their advertising experience and share in the wealth that’s created from their data. We’re not perfect but we are taking the first step in the right direction. Drop by to say hi to the team any time: 70 Wilson street, London, EC2A 2DB

What people are saying about us

I was initially sceptical of Gener8, I just assumed you wouldn’t get anything but it’s flipping amazing! I’ve redeemed a few amazon vouchers and a FitBit all for turning my ad blocker off. Plus the ads I get now are for things I want rather than any old rubbish. It’s a win win.

Andy H

Andy H

Brighton, UK

Great concept and it works really well. I’ve already cashed out a £5 Amazon gift card. Performance is good and the ads are non-intrusive. If sites did this by default then I wouldn’t have needed an ad blocker to begin with.

Elizabeth C

Elizabeth C

London, UK

Finally I get something back in return for giving my data away! This makes so much sense that I cannot believe I’ve only recently found out about it. I’ve exchanged my points for a Google Chrome cast and a donation to charity. Love it.

Isabella J

Isabella J

Leeds, UK

One of London’s rising tech stars

London Evening Standard

Gener8 is shaking up the digital advertising industry


People deserve to share in the wealth that's created from their own data

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We're an ally to publishers

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GDPR + CCPA Compliant

We are inline with GDPR & CCPA privacy regulations

What do our ads look like?

Gener8 removes all of the intrusive and annoying ads (like pop-ups and pop unders). Our ads are always unobtrusive and appear in locations alongside the content you are reading. Here's an example: